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Software Services

Custom software solutions for numerical analysis and design

With more than 25 years experience in developing software for applied numerical simulation and design, Scanscot Technology has obtained unique capabilities in delivering efficient software products for our Clients.

We offer cost-effective, customized solutions that can be anything from small scripts for speeding up common work tasks to complete applications including structural analysis, graphical visualization, and interaction with CAD and other software packages.

Complete Software Applications

Our software developers come from a background of civil-, structural-, and mechanical engineering. They understand the problems associated to numerical analysis and design of different field-specific problems.

Applications on demand

Undertaking a software development project requires the right technical know-how, and for some applications it might be a better strategy to acquire external consulting with a full set of development resources at its disposal.

Developing and distributing two of our own products with the BRIGADE software suite, we at Scanscot Technology have experience in how to plan, manage and execute large software development projects focused on numerical simulations and design.

Depending on your needs of implementation, an application may include basic or advanced graphical user-interfaces, 2D- and 3D visualization, product licensing, and much more.

Do you have a project you want to realize, don’t hesitate contacting us for further discussions.

Customization & Plug-Ins

Customization of Software

There may be many reasons to customize software products you use in your work, whether it be there is a need to eliminate time consuming recurring tasks or tailor a solution for a technical complex and important problem.

The extent of customization will depend on a combination of your requirements and the product’s features. For users, highly configurable software provides more opportunities to customize the way data is processed, displayed, and exported. Customization can allow users to more easily generate visual reports and infographics.

We can deliver software products for numerical analysis and design in several programming languages such as C/C++, C#/.NET, Python, Matlab, and various database solutions.

Plug-Ins for BRIGADE & Abaqus

Scanscot Technology develops BRIGADE, a market-leading software package for structural analysis and design of bridges and civil structures.

BRIGADE includes an integrated Abaqus solver from SIMULIA, the world’s leading provider of advanced Finite Element solvers. This guaranties high accuracy and efficiency.

With more than 25 years of experience developing against Abaqus interfaces, we can offer small and large extension applications according to your specifications.

Examples of plug-ins we have developed include: visualization toolset of influence surfaces generated from live-load analyses in BRIGADE/Plus, reinforcement design utilizing results from finite element analyses, and an anchor-plate analysis and design utility.

Documentation & Version Control

Structured Code & Documentation

All our code is documented according to Documentation Best-Practices.

This implicates appropriate commenting and inline documentation of code for automatic generation of reference guides directly from the code source, as well as consistent indentation, name scheming and code grouping for maintaining a high level of code readability.

Moreover, the code we produce implements the principles of object-oriented programming which increases the ability to scale the application efficiently.


Version Control

Revision control, also known as version control and source control, is the management of changes to documents and other collections of information. Each revision is associated with a time-stamp and the person making the change. Revisions can then be compared, restored, and merged.

By utilizing revisioning with applied back-ups we are able to provide secure, high-quality software products to our customers.