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Engineering Services

Scanscot Technology offers expert consultancy services within the fields of structural design engineering, advanced numerical simulation and technical support. We are a reliable partner, known for great commitment and high-quality deliverables.

Our expertise covers many areas and industrial sectors including Energy, Infrastructure & Buildings, Industry and Simulation-Driven Product Development – for which we can provide services such as:

  • State-of-the-art analysis and design
  • Advanced and efficient simulations for accurate predictions of behavior
  • Optimization in order to reduce weight and costs
  • Accidental loading and ultimate capacity simulations
  • In-depth investigations to give expert advice on resolving technical issues
  • Third party review to ensure function, quality and safety demands, and to minimize project risks


Structural Design & Advanced Simulation

Scanscot Technology is one of the leading structural design and simulation providers to the nuclear power industry, including national and international stakeholders such as plant operators, suppliers, and safety authorities.

We are engaged in a wide spectrum of technical challenges in all phases of nuclear power production:

  • Construction of new plants
  • Power uprate and re-qualification of existing plants
  • Decommissioning and dismantling
  • Storage of spent fuel and nuclear waste

The projects often include simulations of extreme loading events such as earthquakes, explosions, impacts, pipe ruptures, air plane crash, dropped heavy objects, flooding, extreme weather conditions, and events causing high pressures and temperatures.

The most efficient analysis techniques and methods are applied based on what phenomena to be studied. This include static and dynamic analysis, linear and non-linear behavior, fracture mechanics and local impact damage, fatigue analysis, soil-structure interaction, and fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interaction simulations.

Design Criteria & Design Specifications

Scanscot Technology assist in establishing design requirements and design provisions at all levels, ranging from rules and regulations, codes and standards, and guidelines to general design criteria and detailed design specifications at plant/building level.

We have a deep knowledge in important design codes including Eurocodes, ASME, ACI, KTA, DNB, ETC-C, RCC-CW and RCC-M. For several of the codes, Scanscot Technology is engaged in Code Committee´s, Working Groups and Workshops involved in the future development of these codes.

Also, we are the author of design provisions for the design of safety-related buildings at nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities in Sweden (DNB), established on behalf of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and the Swedish Licensees.


Design Review & Comparative Calculations

Working closely with contractors, utilities, suppliers and regulatory bodies, we at Scanscot Technology provide our assistance as expert reviewers in projects to enable fast and accurate decisions on important issues, and to minimize project risks. Third party review and second opinion are important tools to ensure function, quality and safety demands.

We can assist with general safety design, technical support and the setting up of design requirements as well as verification of the structural design. We offer review of the structural design and carry out comparative calculations of important structures, systems and components – making sure all requirements are met in accordance to applicable regulations.

We have experience of design review and comparative calculations regarding energy structures such as nuclear power plants, but also for bridge structures and more conventional facilities with specific demands.


Infrastructure & Buildings

Design of Bridges & Buildings

Scanscot Technology have broad experience working with analysis and design of civil structures. We offer our expertise within analysis and design of steel structures as well as reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures.

Three-dimensional finite element models are used for calculating the combined effects of permanent and variable loads. These models can also be used for simulating the effects of extreme loads. Efficient automatized processes are used to design or verify the structures in agreement with specified regulations and Codes & Standards. We are specialized in projects with specific demands such as:

  • Functional demands related to normal use and expected load situations (e.g. deformations, accelerations and vibrations)
  • Resistance against accidental and extreme loading conditions (e.g. explosions, impact, hurricanes and earthquakes)
  • Considering the effects of damage, defects and unexpected degradation, and verification of eventual strengthening measures
  • Safety and security demands (e.g. radiological environmental consequences, confinement of hazardous material and malevolent acts effects)

For bridge design, the effects of moving traffic loads are included. We also have a long experience in high-speed train vibration analysis.

Scanscot Technology is also the developer of BRIGADE, a commercial, market-leading software package for analysis and design of bridges and civil structures. BRIGADE is based on integrated Abaqus technology.


Industrial Equipment & Components

Scanscot Technology offers realistic simulations for design and development of mechanical equipment and consumer products. The design process can include a wide range of simulation procedures, such as:

  • Static and dynamic stress analysis
  • Nonlinear material & contact analysis
  • Impact & crash analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) analysis.

Simulation can also be used for optimization of products designs in order to reduce materials and stress concentrations. We also offer assistance to determine proper design criteria’s for the products, based on function, as well as consumer demands and regulatory requirements.

Product Development

Simulation-Driven Product Development

For companies engaged in product development we offer help to improve the design process using realistic simulations in order to minimize the number of design iterations, reduce the need for physical testing, improve product quality and performance and in the end reduce costs and time-to-market.

Scanscot Technology is a reseller of SIMULIA in the Nordic markets, a software package from Dassault Systèmes suited for Simulation-driven product development.

The SIMULIA package includes:

  • Abaqus for advances simulations,
  • Tosca for optimization,
  • fe-safe for fatigue analysis,
  • Isight for simulation process automation.