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The unique solution to find accurate loads in your products

To really know the lifetime performance of your products you will need to find the actual loads that the product will experience in real operating conditions.

True-Load offers an optimised solution to transfer real load cases from the field into the virtual design verification.


True-Load takes the FEA model and automatically identifies the optimum location of each strain gauge to reach a solution in the shortest possible time. Strain data is loaded and True-Load calculates load time histories that are guaranteed to match the measured strain data to within 2% at every point in time.

It is now easy to find the strain, stress or displacement at any point in the model, using the feature True-QSE. Traditionally strain gauge placement takes hours or longer, takes a few minutes to determine and a few minutes to back calculate the loading profiles.

Key Features of True-Load:

  • Turns measured strain data into meaningful load time histories
  • Turns complex components into multi-channel load cells
  • Optimises strain gauge placement
  • Guarantees robust correlation
  • Integrates with fe-safe®
  • Key to accurate fatigue calculations with any FEA based Fatigue software
  • Reduces test cost
  • Eliminates design iterations

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