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Complete tool-box for analysis and design of bridges and civil structures

BRIGADE/Plus provides an easy-to-use environment for modeling of all types of bridges and civil structures. The intuitive user-interface integrates modeling, analysis and visualization of results. The parametric, feature-based, concept enables efficient modelling of complex structures.

Our software includes predefined loads, vehicles and load combinations in accordance with a wide range of design codes including the Eurocodes with various National Annexes.

BRIGADE/Plus offers a complete range of advanced capabilities such as transient- and steady state dynamic analysis, non-linear material models and contact interactions.

The results are easily visualized in 3D plots and 2D graphs. The integrated report generator can be used for efficient creation of input and result reports. Results can be automatically exported to the reinforcement module ConcreteDesigner or to customers own tool for design of reinforcement.

Easy-to-use modeling environment

BRIGADE/Plus provides an easy-to-use environment for modeling of any type of bridge and civil structures such as tunnels, dams and towers etc.

The consistent GUI integrates modeling, analysis and visualization of results and is simple to learn for new users, yet highly productive for experienced users.

Modeling Concept

BRIGADE/Plus offers a parametric, feature-based, concept enabling fast and simple modeling of complex geometries.

Model properties and attributes (materials, cross-sectional properties, loads, boundary conditions, etc.) are named explicitly and easily assigned to selected geometry of the model.

Complete set of Analysis Procedures

BRIGADE/Plus provides a vast range of analysis procedures:


  • Linear and nonlinear static response
  • Eigenvalue buckling
  • Unstable collapse and post buckling

Heat transfer:

  • Transient heat transfer analysis
  • Steady-state heat transfer analysis


  • Natural frequency extraction
  • Modal dynamic time history
  • Implicit dynamic time history (linear & nonlinear)
  • Steady-state dynamic response
  • Response spectrum
  • Random response


  • Sequentially coupled thermal-stress analysis

Moving loads

BRIGADE/Plus includes a market-leading technique for evaluation of the static response of moving loads.

The technique is based on influence surfaces/influence lines and mesh-independent traffic lane alignments. Vehicles can consist of axles with fix or variable internal distances and in combination with moving surface loads. Multiple simultaneous vehicles in different lanes are handled automatically.

Vehicles can be created manually or generated from a library of design code specific vehicles e.g. Eurocode, AAASHTO, British Standard and the Scandinavian road and railroad bridge codes.

Dynamic Response of Moving Loads

BRIGADE/Plus offers efficient analysis of the dynamic response of moving loads. Single or multiple tracks are easily defined. Predefined HSLM vehicles are available and user-defined vehicles may easily be created and applied. Vehicles are analyzed for a user-defined set of speeds. Results are automatically enveloped in order to enable efficient evaluation and reporting.


BRIGADE/Plus allows for the analyses of prestressing. The alignments of longitudinal and transversal tendons are easily defined. Short-term losses (friction, wobble and anchorage) are calculated automatically.

Load Combination

BRIGADE/Plus includes a state-of-the-art load combination facility automatically taking into account whether the loads provide an adverse or relieving effect on the structure. Load combinations can be created manually or generated from a library of design code specific combinations e.g. Eurocode, AAASHTO, British Standard and the Scandinavian road and railroad bridge codes.


Segmental Construction

BRIGADE/Plus offers the possibility to analyze the effect of segmental construction by adding and removing parts of the structure, loads, boundary condition etc. during analysis.

Non-linear Material Behaviour

BRIGADE/Plus offers the possibility to include nonlinear material behavior. The library of constitutive models includes e.g. concrete, metal, Drucker-Prager and Drucker-Prager/Cap. Material behavior may be temperature dependent.

Robust Contact Capabilities

BRIGADE/Plus offers a robust contact capability. Contact can be defined between two deformable bodies or between a deformable body and a rigid surface.

  • Element-based or node-based contact surfaces
  • Hard or softened contact
  • Small or finite sliding formulation
  • Frictional behavior may be included
  • Damping may be included

Result Visualization

BRIGADE/Plus offers a wide range of post-processing features in order to enable efficient interpretation of results:

  • Contour plots (deformed or undeformed model)
  • Diagram plots
  • Vector plots
  • Tick-mark plots
  • Overlay plots
  • Animation of results
  • Visualization of most adverse live load positions
  • Export to MS Excel

Report Generator

BRIGADE/Plus includes generators for automatic generation of input and result reports.

Reinforcement design

The need for reinforcement in accordance with Eurocode can easily be calculated using the module ConcreteDesigner.

Integrated Abaqus Solver Technology

BRIGADE/Plus includes an integrated Abaqus FEA solver from SIMULIA, the world’s leading provider of advanced Finite Element solvers. This guaranties high accuracy and efficiency.

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