About Us

The Company

Scanscot Technology is a knowledge-based company at the frontiers of structural engineering. The company was founded in 1992 and has from the beginning been based upon consulting services within civil, structural and mechanical engineering and the development of analysis software products. Scanscot Technology is one of the leading companies in these fields.

Scanscot Technology is developing, marketing and supporting BRIGADE. BRIGADE is a complete analysis software suite for structural, bridge, and civil engineering. It consists of two powerful analysis tools: BRIGADE/Standard and BRIGADE/Plus. Scanscot Technology is also Nordic reseller of SIMULIA, the market-leading solution for realistic engineering simulation. The SIMULIA portfolio, developed by Dassault Systemes, offers powerful tools for simulation of product performance and design optimization.

The consultancy service covers many industrial sectors. Our primary industry sectors include Energy, Industry and Infrastructure & Buildings. Scanscot Technology specializes in technically advanced projects often related to accidental and extreme loading events, optimization, evaluation of specific demands and in-depth investigations. Our engagements range from long-time engagements to rapid-response evaluations, in order to provide our clients with the critical information that both day-to-day and strategic decisions require.

The company is located in Lund (Sweden) at Edison Park. Furthermore, the company has a network of software distributors in emerging markets.